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WHO Code Sort descending Client
AENA AEMAC Langara College Library
AGSC AG Communications Systems Ltd.
ARC Armco Research Center
Atma Atma Global
BABC Banff Centre Library
BANC Andover Newton Theological School
BC Blake, Cassels & Graydon (Toronto)
BCA Blake, Cassels & Graydon (Alberta)
BCCL British Columbia Court House Library
BE Borden Ladner Gervais Law Library
BHA Andover-Harvard Theological School
BLGC Borden Lander Gervais LLP (Calgary)
BLGM Bordon Lander Gervais LLP (Montreal)
BLGO Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (Ottawa)
BLGV Bordon Lander Gervais (Vancouver)
BM Blaney, McMurtry
BP Bloomsbury Publishing
BRPL Bridge River Public Library
BWE Weston Jesuit Library
BXMM Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Library
CAD Duncan Collins (now Blake Cassels Graydon)
CAWY Walsh Young
CCL Canada/China Language and Cultural Centre
CEL Canadian Electronic Library
Cengage Cengage Learning, Inc.
CG Fasken Campbell Godfrey
CLWP Western Pentecostal Bible College
CODH Code Hunter
COFM Ford Microelectronics
COLG Case Library, Colgate University
CSUB J. Hugh Jackson Library see SBL Stanford Business Library
CSUF California State University, Fresno
DANL Northern Lights College Library
DDL Dale & Dingwall Law Library
DFo Folger Shakespeare Library
DLRC Dease Lake Reading Centre
DWBL Davies, Ward & Beck
ECY Alberta Culture Library
EJGW E & J Gallo Winery Research Library
EMPR Ministry of Employment and Investment Library
FC Fasken Campbell Godfrey
FGMM Florida Atlantic University Libraries
FJPL Fort St. James Public Library
FRTF Fraser River ESD Task Force
GBPL Gold Bridge Public Library
GDHL Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody
GE General Electric Canada Company Ltd. Library
GG Goodmans LLP
GRST J. P. Stevens
GWHO World Health Organization Library
HBSM Baker Library, Harvard Business
HICF Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corp.
HKLM Learning Media
HOPL Houston Public Library
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
INPA Irish Newspaper Archive
IRCL Inuvik Research Centre
ISSH International School of the Sacred Heart
JMcE J. McRee Elrod Collection
KALJ John Weller Collection
KEPL Kemano Public Library
KMTG Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedeman
LD Ladner Downs, Law Library
MAML McManus Miles Davison Law Library
MARL Martin Marietta Electronics Library
MB McMillan Binch Mendelsohn LLP
McNC McNabb Connolly
MCP Marketing Classic Press
MDCK Mayor, Day, Caldwell & Keeton
MEW Manitoba Environment Library
MGLD Mutual Group Law Department
MHA McDonough, Holland & Allen
MHWC Manitoba Hazardous Waste Management
MLL Manufacurer's Life Insurance
MLW Manulife
MM McCarthy Tetrault, Library
MMOA Metropolitan Museum of Art
MNU University of Minnesota Libraries
MOBM Bio-Mega, Inc. Library
MOSN SNC, Inc. Library
MRL Morris, Rose, Ledgett Librar
MULI Mutual Life Asssurance Company
MWCF Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies
NAWD Woodlands Library
NFJM Newfoundland Dept. of Justice
NHCL National Humanities Center Library
NIJC J. Coutts
NILO W.P. London
NRTL Nortel Network
NTPL Northwest Territories Public Library Service
NYAC American Craft Council Library
OH Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt
OMBD Ontario Ombudsman Office
OOAG Canadian Agriculture Library / Biblioth_que canadienne de l'agriculture
OREF Open Learning Agency
OSCL Ontario Securities Commission
OTEB Elisabeth Bruyere Health Centre
PACCAR PACCAR Techical Library
PFCL Pacific Forestry Centre
PV Goodman Phillips & Vineberg
QBKS Quality Books, Inc.
R||| Regent College Library
SBL Stanford Business Library
SESS Serials Solutions
SLL Smith, Lyons
SQPL Squamish Public Library
SRM Shibley Righton LLP
SUAV Avon Research Library
TATI Technicon Instruments Corp.
TODH Toronto Dept. of Health
TOJ Justice Canada Library
TORB Royal Bank of Canada
TRY Tory,Tory, DesLauriers & Bennington
UHKL University of Hong Kong Law Library
UWOP University of Western Ontario Pride Library
VABM Braidwood, MacKenzie, Fujisa
VABT B. C. Tel Business Library
VACL Library, Commonwealth of Learning
VACO Cominco, Ltd. Library
VADC Alcohol & Drug Programs Library
VAEC Emily Carr Institute Library
VAEL Triton Environmental Consultants
VAEN Vancouver City Engineering Library
VAFM Fisheries Managment Library
VAGL Out on the Shelves Library
VAHL Vancouver Health Library
VAJI Justice Institute of British Library
VALW/BS B.C. Sugar
VAMB Macmillan Bloedel Research Library
VAMR MPR Ltd. Library
VAOL Open Learning Agency
VAPR Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually
VAPS Centre for Curriculum Transfer and Technology
VARB Royal Bank Library
VARN College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia
VARP Registered Psychiatic Nurses
VASA Sandwell, Inc.
VASL/NS North Shore Unitarian Church
VATR Touche Ross
VAUC Universities Council
VIEC B.C. Ministry of Employment and Investment
VIMA B.C. Ministry of Municipal Affairs
VIPB B.C. Ministry of Environment, Lands & Parks
VIPM Royal British Columbial Museum
VIUC First Unitarian Church of Victoria Library
VIUL Vancouver Island University Library
VIWE Women's Equality
WAHF The Heritage Foundation
WDD Dale & Dingwall (formerly Wooley Dale & Dingwall)
WF Weir Foulds LLP
WIMR Mineral Resources Library
WIWS Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health
WSPS Workplace safety & Prevention Services
YECL NWT Court Library
YEHL NWT Health Library