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Metropolitan Museum of Art

WHO Code
Thomas J. Watson Library The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 5th Avenue
New York
New York
Zip/Postal Code
Tina M. Lidogoster
tel 212.396.5367 fax 212.570.3847
RDA Procedures

MMOA PDF Procedures 16 June 2015 (revised 7/22/17)

MMOA has about 300 PDFs waiting to be cataloged and it continues to
grow. MMOA sends cataloguers e-mails with links to the PDFs for
cataloging, and Matt sends MMOA the records.

Sample record:

LDR/05 n
06 a
07 m
08 blank
09 blank

001 899280391
005 0150107022535.0
007 cr |||||||||||
008 150107s2012 xnaa oc 000 0 eng d
020 $a9781921661303
020 $a1921661305 [$z if print ISBN]
040 $aCaBNVSL$beng$erda$cCaBNVSL [unless derived, then $dCaBNVSL]
090 $a$bMMOA [deleted on export]
093 $MMOAdate [deleted on export]
100 1 $aGolda, Agnieszka,$eartist.
245 10 $aInferno wonderland :$bAgnieszka Golda, Martin Johnson.
[If adding function to statement of responsibility, prefer "[text]" to
"[essay]" or other word in text but not on title page.]
246 30 $a[Enter distinctive subtitle]
264 1 $aChippendale, Sydney, NSW :$bMOP Projects,$c2012.
300 $a1 PDF [flipped to online resource on export] (7 PDF pages) :$billustrations.
336 $atext|2rdacontent
337 $aelectronic$2isbdmedia [flipped to computer|2rdamedia on export]
338 $aonline resource|2rdacarrier
347 $atext file|bPDF|2rda
500 $aTitle from PDF page 1.
500 $aCatalog of an exhibition held at MOP Projects, Chippendale, October 25 - November 11, 2012.
600 10 $aGolda, Agnieszka|vExhibitions.
600 10 $aJohnson, Martin V.|vExhibitions.
650 0 $aInstallations (Art)|vExhibitions.
[For broad subject heading such as "Painting", add comma nationality
and $y period.]
700 1 $aJohnson, Martin V.,$eartist.
710 2 $aMOP Projects.
799 $aCCT PDF [Same for all]
856 40 $u OF PDF.pdf$zFull text PDF
904 $aWatson Library PDF copy: Gift of MOP Projects. [Data included in e-mail, and applies to all links in the e-mail.]
990 $ajme [cataloguer initials removed on export]

998 $aSpecial Libraries Cataloguing.


MMOA Exhibition Catalogue Procedures 4 April 2014

MMOA sends batches of books, mainly exhibition catalogues, to cataloguers.

Main cataloguer:
*Susan Lewis
6212 Bowman
Saint Louis, MO 63139
Phone: (314) 781-8187

English, Spanish, French:

Original cataloguers, now backups:
*Mary Pattengill
677 Sheridan Dr.
Lexington, KY 40503
Phone: (859) 227-5576

English, German, Italian, Arabic:

*Pamela Cale
454 Brevoort Road
Columbus, OH 43214
Phone: (614)-563-4915

Other Roman alphabet languages:

Timothy Gatti
2307 Shenandoah Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63104
Home: (314)-397-9111
Office phone: (314) 259-2732

Cyrilllic, Thai:

Richard Violette
Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc.
4493 Lindholm Road
Victoria BC C9C 3Y1 Canada
Work evenings phone: (250) 474-3364
Fax: (250) 474-3362

Cataloguers send records to Matt (just send file, do not go through batch processor), and return books to MMOA using FedEx. The MMA mail services department always encloses a FedEx Ground return label in the shipment of books to be cataloged.

Always enter exhibition catalogues under artist.

Assign LCSH, but not class numbers. For most items, the artist’s name and subdivision $vExhibitions or $vCatalogs should be adequate. Other 650s only needed for subjects like Moses in art, or flowers in art, something where we think the researcher would be done a disservice if we didn't add it. Also groups of artists in one genre or location.

Apply barcode, and enter number in 090$e and 945$i, $xSpecial Libraries Cataloguing. Use repeating 945 for multiple-volume work:
945 \\|i30620009802306 |vv.1 |nGift |xSpecial Libraries Cataloguing
945 \\|i30620009802314 |vv.2 |nGift |xSpecial Libraries Cataloguing

In the rare case of finding a record for a book already in the MMOA OPAC, return the book without cataloging, as the Metropolitan does not keep multiple copies of the same catalog. Similarly, return any book that has already been cataloged as a PDF. The Met sometimes sends journal issues or annual reports for cataloging as monographs because they are single-topic special issues; send back any journal issue/annual report that isn't a really a special issue.

Barcoding is on the upper left hand corner of the cover, about .25" from the edges. Avoid covering the crease of the spine. There should be no worry of obscuring words that could be covered by the barcode as long as that information is duplicated somewhere else in the publication.

MMOA does not keep dust jackets (though they will be sent in case the cataloger would need them to aid in cataloging).

If a catalogue has been signed by the artist, include a 500 note "Watson Library copy: Signed by artist."

These catalogues are mainly gifts and many will have gift slips with information to add to the bibliographic record as a 904. It will look like this:
904 \\|aWatson Library copy: Gift of Susan Eley Fine Art.

Example below.

Retain on export $e relationship designator only for illustrators of children's materials.

Sample record:

LEADER 00797nam 22002417i 4500
000 00797nam 22002417a 4500@
001 slc30620010082732
005 20131003093904.0
008 131003s2013 nyd c 0 eng d
020 |a9780982431573
040 |aCaBNVSL|beng|erda|cCaBNVSL|dCaBNVSL
090 |a|bMMOA|e30620010082732 [|e mpved to 001, rest removed on export]
093 |aMMOA20131003093904 [Removed on export]
100 1 |aMolloy, Tom,$eartist.
245 10 |aTom Molloy :|bissue /|cTom Molloy ; [essay, Gavin Delahunty].
246 30 |aIssue
264 1 |aNew York [New York] |bFLAG Art Foundation,|c2013.
300 |a39 pages :|billustrations (some colour) ;|c30 cm
336 |astill image|2rdacontent
336 |atext|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|2rdacarrier
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references.
500 |aCatalog of an exhibition held Feb. 8-May 18, 2013 at the FLAG Art Foundation, New York.
500 |aTitle from cover.
600 10 |aMolloy, Tom|vExhibitions.
700 1 |aDelahunty, Gavin,$ewriter of added text.
710 2 |aFLAG Art Foundation$ehost institution.
945 |i30620010082732|nGift|xSpecial Libraries Cataloguing.
990 |ajme [Removed on export]

Rich invoices MMOA.


MARC record $9.00
Nonroman +$5.00
Record handling $1.50
Barcoding $1.00


MARC record $6.00
Nonroman +$5.00
Barcoding $1.00