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Pamphlet Collection Cataloguing


J. McRee (Mac) Elrod

29 May 2011

When faced with a a collection of pamphlets, clippings, pictures, and other such "fugitive" material, I would not attempt individual items, and except for exceptional items in a partial contents note, no attempt to list the contents.

I would suggest using LCSH headings as titles for the for pamphlet boxes, or folders in a vertical file.

I would create a MARC record for each box or folder. Boxes would allow the items to be shelved with other material on their subjects, where people will stumble across it (better than a vertical file which is less likely to be utilized).

There would be some evaporation from the boxes in most collections. I would use security strips only in those items which have been listed in a partial contents note. All items may be marked in pencil with the call number of the box or subject heading of the folder if wished.

A sample record might look something like this:

Type (LDR/06):
a = language material

Bib lvl (LDR/07):
i = integrating resource [since you will be adding and removing

Enc lvl (LDR/17):
2 = less than full record
K = OCLC less than full

Des cat form (LDR/18)

Date type (008/06):
c = continuation

Date one (008/07-10):
earliest year of any item

Date two (008/11-14):

Country (008/15-17)
xxu [if mostly American]
xx [if no one country]

008/21 (Type of serial):

008/35-37 (Language):
eng English

008/39 (Cataloguing source):
d Original

050 4 $aSD121$b.F673 [SLC would add year of oldest item and plus, e.g.,
[055 Canadian FC, KF, PS 8000]
082 4 $a634.908
099 $aVertical/File/Forests/and/Forestry

245 00 $aForests and forestry /$ccollected by .

260 $a[ :$b],$c1950-

264 Detailed imprint. .

Field 264 is repeating, with first indicator for sequence (2 intervening, 3 current); second for function (0 production, 1 publication)

[Edit to 260$a$b$c, with repeating $c for copyright year if it differs from from publication yea; reproducer in $e$f$gr.]

300 $a1 box (various pieces) :$bill. ;$c29 x 23 x 11 cm.
300 $a1 folder (various pieces) :$bill. ;$c24 x 30 cm.

336-338 Enter as relevant for RDA records; usually
336 $atext$2rdacontent
337 $aunmedited$2rdamedia
338 $avolume$2rdacarrier

505 2 $aSierra Nevada tree identifier / by Jim Paruk.

[You would only list in 505 items of particular interest (the print constant for 1st indicator 2 is "Partial contents:"). These few items might have security strips in addition to call number or subject heading labels, but the box or folder would be circulated as a whole.]

520 $aA collection of pamphlets, pictures, clippings, letters and other material on forests and forestry in a pamphlet box.
520 $aA collection of pamphlets, pictures, clippings, letters and other material in a vertical file folder.

650 0 $aForests and forestry.

710 2 $a

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