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MRIs: AACR2 Rule Interpretations

Chapter 9: Electronic


Reword 9.1C in contents to read:

9.1C. Media terms


Revise Chapter 9 heading to read: Digital Resources


Change computer resource to digital resource in all rules.


Revise to read:

9.0A1. The rules in this chapter cover the description of digital resources (those that were created digitally, those that consist of digitized content, and combinations of the two). Digital resources consist of data (numeric, textual, graphic, cartographic, sound, video, etc.) and/or programs. Since digital resources often have characteristics in common with other media, consult other chapters in Part 1 as appropriate. The description of digital resources in a local physical carrier (CD-ROMs, computer tapes, etc.) and those available only by remote access (databases, websites, e.journals, etc.) differs (see 9.5).


Delete second sentence.


Delete [GMD] from all examples.


Replace all examples with:

Microsoft office

The Huffington post

Icelandic saga database


Dance paradise

Census data research online

Learning Greek


Revise heading to read:

9.1C. Optional addition. Media terms


Delete and replace with:

9.1C. Optional addition. Media terms

1.9C1. Optionally, Give the appropriate media terms as instructed in 1.1C..

Display media terms after title proper, or preceding all descriptive data in accord with International Bibliographic Description (ISBD) Area 0, or substitute icons based on MARC21 fixed fields.


Add third example:

Portaal = Portail


Replace examples with:

English-Russian online dictionary : a bilingual resource

PMP exam success series : 3500 question exam simulation

Canada : the true north strong and free = une épopée des plus brillants exploits


Replace examples with:

Birds of South Carolina / by Thayer Birding Software.

Statistics glossary : English translation glossary from SETPS / Valerie J. Easton and John H. McColl.

Groovy garden : an Arthur game / Marc Brown.

Olga’s art gallery / Olga and Helen Mataev [and two others]

Morbid anatomy : surveying the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture / Joanna Ebenstein.

Chem1 virtual textbook : a reference text for general chemistry / Stephen Lower.

GNAHRGIS : Georgia’s natural, archaeological, and historic resources GIS / Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


Add new third example:

The complete works of William Shakespeare / [website] created by Jeremy Hylton ; operated by The Tech.


Revise first, second, fourth, and eighth examples

Revised edition.

NI test edition.

Revised edition 2007.08.14.

Preliminary release. 0.5


Revise examples to read:

[Version 9.5]

[2.0 beta release]

Add new second paragraph and example:

If an electronic resource has a partial edition statement, add a word or phrase in the language and script of the title proper, enclosed in square brackets.

[Third] release

2007 [version]


Revise example to read:

[New] release / programmed by Stefan Burström [and 3 others]


Replace example with:

EPC [edition], 3.0 release


Revise example to read:

Third edition, Version 1.2 / programmed by W.G. Toepfer


Revise to read:

9.4B1 . Record information about the place, name, and date of all types of publishing, distributing, manufacturing, producing. etc., activities as instructed in 1.4B.


Revise to read:

9.4D1 . Give the name of the publisher, etc., and optionally the distributor, producer, manufacturer, etc., as instructed in 1.4D.

Replace example with:

Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Education

Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts ; Ipswich, England : Practicorp

(Cataloguing agency in the UK)

Rome, Italy : [s.n.]

[S.l.] : Logik ; New York : Distributed by Aquarian

[Chicago, Illinois?] : Annie Jones ( A cat care website)

Toronto, Ontario : Carswell, 2010 (Saint-Lazare, Quebec : Canadian
Electronic Library, 2011) (Aggrigator added to original imprint.)


Revise rule and example to read:

9.4E. Optional addition . Statement of function of publisher, distributor, producer, manufacturer, etc.

9.4E1. Add to the name of the publisher, distributor, producer, manufacturer, etc., a statement of function as instructed in 1.4E.

Victoria, B.C. : University of Victoria ([Ann Arbor, Michigan] : UMI Dissertation Publishing [manufacturer])


Replace all examples with:

[Redmond, Washington] : Microsoft Corporation, [2006?], ©2006.

San Francisco, Calif. : Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company, 2005.

Washington, D.C. : US Census Bureau, 2010.

[Chicago, Illinois] : [s.n.], [2002?] -




Revise to read:

9.5A1. Applicability

a) Digital resources in a local physical carrier. Describe as instructed in 9.5B-9.5E.

b) Remote resources. Describe as instructed in 9.5B, 9.5C, and 9.5E.


Revise to read:

9.5B. Extent of item


Revise to read:

9.5B1. Give the number and name of the type of digital resource.

a) Use one of the following terms as appropriate for resources in a local physical carrier:

digital chip cartridge(s)
digital disk(s)

digital file(s)

digital optical disc(s)

digital tape cartridge(s)

digital tape cassette(s)

digital tape reel(s)


Optionally, omit the word digital if media terms (see 9.1C) have been supplied

b) Use one of the following terms as appropriate for a remote resource:



streaming video(s)



c) Prefer an exact term



1 zip disc

1 website

3 databases

[Only if the resource contains multiple content, e.g., e-text, videos, audio files, use the more general unit name "online resource" repeated from the carrier element.]


Revise to read:

9.5B2. If the description is of a separately titled part of an item lacking a collective title (see 9.1G4), name it in the form on CD-ROM 2 of 3, database 2 of 13, etc.




Delete 4th example.


Revise to read:

9.5C. Other details

9.5C1. Give details of the type of content—textual, graphic, etc. If readily ascertainable, give the number of individual texts, graphics, etc.

1 CD-ROM : 360 photographs

1 website : texts, animated graphics

9.5C2. If the item has sound or is known to produce sound, give sound. If graphic, etc., content is in colour, give colour.

1 CD-ROM : 360 photographs, colour

1 streaming video : sound

1 website : cartoons, sound, colour

17 games : sound, colour

9.5C3. Give other details if readily ascertainable and considered to be important.

1 database : texts, PDF

1 CD-ROM : images, jpeg

9.5C4. Give other descriptive details in a note (see 9.7B10) or ignore them.


Revise examples to read:

1 CD-ROM : sound, colour ; 5 ¼ in.

1 optical disc ; 4 ¾ in.

1 chip cartridge ; 3 ½ in.

1 tape cassette ; 3 7/8 in. x 2 ½ in.

1 computer card ; 9 x 6 cm


Revise example to read:

3 discs ; 3 ½ - 5 ¼ in.


Revise examples to read:

1 CD-ROM : texts, images ; 5 ¼ in. + 1 volume (123 pages : illustrated ; 28 cm)

1 CD-ROM : animated images ; 5 ¼ in. + 1 teacher’s guide




Revise examples to read:

(Basic concepts in health sciences ; 6)

(Southwest chamber music composer portrait series) (Software series / Explorium Inc. ; 1015A) line-height: 200%">Delete last example.

Delete first two examples.


Revise to read:

c) URL and Mode of access.
Give the URL (universal resource locator) of a remote resource or, if there is no URL, the mode of access.

Revise the examples to read:



Mode of access: Apple iPad


Replace last example with:

Title from home page (consulted 2008 May 17)


Delete last example.


Revise third and seventh examples to read:

Simulation revised and re-programmed by John Smith for student application Website hosted by the University of Edinburgh Department of Geography
Revise first and sixth examples to read:
Edition statement from accompanying bookletOriginally published as a book: London : Mystic Press, 2005. (Old times and ways, volume 7)


Revise examples to read:

Stereophonic sound.

Displays in red, yellow, and blue.

Some photographs in black and white.


Replace second example with:
Accompanied by documentation: Chicago : Mayor’s Office, 2007.


Add new third example:
Contents: Word 2007 – Excel 2007 – PowerPoint 2007 – OneNote 2007
Delete last example.