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MRIs: AACR2 Rule Interpretations

Chapter 7: Videorecordings


Revise 7.1C in contents to read:

7.1C. Media terms


Delete 7.1F, 7.1F1, 7.1F2.

Replace with:

Record noncast and cast credits in two separate notes (see 7.7).


Record the name of the responsible person of an auteur film as a statement of responsibility.


Watercolors / a film by David Oliveras.

[RDA is not explicit concerning moving all noncast credits from statement of responsibility to a note,
but some test records show this interpretation, resulting in a cleaner brief display.]


Delete second sentence.


Revise third line to read:

Enclose the media terms in square brackets.


Add as last example:

Wodehouse playhouse. Series 1

7.1B2 Replace last example with:

[Brendan O’Dowda singing ‘The mountains of Mourne,’ Dublin, 1992?]

(A YouTube video)

7.1C Delete [GMD] from all examples.

Revise 7.1C to read:

7.1C. Optional addition. Give the appropriate media terms as instructed in 1.1C.

Display media terms after title proper, or preceding all descriptive data in accord with International Bibliographic Description (ISBD) Area 0, or substitute icons based on MARC21 fixed fields.


Revise first example to read:

Second edition .


Replace examples with:

Santa Barbara, California : Lionsgate

Silver Spring, MD : Acorn Media Publishing, Inc.

7.4F2 Replace example with:

Beverly Hills, California : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment [distributor],[2007?], ©2007

Note: Made in 1944.


Revise list to read:

Beta video

Blu-ray disc



Flash Video


streaming video

VHS /p>

Revise examples to read:


3 Blu-ray discs


1 streaming video

Delete second paragraph and example.


Replace second, third, fourth, and sixth examples with:

1 VHS (about 110 min.)

2 DVDs (120 min. each)

1 Blu-ray disc (about 200 min.)

1 DVD (45, 876 frames)


Revise to read:

7.5C3. Give sound or silent to indicate the presence or absence of a sound track. If a silent motion picture is known to be filmed at the speed of sound film, give silent at sound speed .

1 videoreel (15 min.) : sound


Revise to read:

7.5C4. Colour. Give colour or black & white as appropriate. Give black & white for a sepia print.

1 DVD (127 min.) : sound, black & white

Replace second and third examples with:

1 VHS (101 min.) : sound, colour with black & white sequence at the beginning and end

1 VHS (47 min.) : sound, black & white with two colour scenes


Revise example to read:

1 film reel (1 min., 17 sec.) : sound, colour, 25 fps


Revise examples to read:

1 film reel (12 min.) : sound, black & white ; 16 mm

1 film cassette (21 min.) : sound, colour ; standard 8 mm

2 film reels (about 30 min. each) : black & white ; 16-35 mm


Revise example to read:

1 videoreel (30 min.) : sound, black & white ; 13 mm*.

*Unlike sound carriers for which LC ususe in., LC follows RDA in using mm for video tapes.


Revise examples to read:

1 DVD (about 60 min.) : sound, colour ; 13 cm.

1 Blu-ray disc (38 min.) : sound, colour ; 12 cm


Revise examples to read:

1 film cassette (21 min.) : sound, colour ; standard 8 mm + 1 teacher’s guide

or 1 film cassette (21 min.) : sound, colour ; standard 8 mm + 1 volume (28 pages : illustrations, 22 cm)

2 film cassettes (30 min. each) : sound, colour ; standard 8 mm + 1 volume (35 pages ; 24 cm)


Revise fourth, seventh, and eighth examples to read:

(Mathematics for elementary school students. Whole numbers ; number 10)

(Images of the seventies, ISSN 7745-2251 ; number 22)

(Warner Bros. romance classics collection ; [number 1])


Reword the first sentence of Credits to read:

List persons and corporate bodies (other than cast) who have contributed to the artistic and/or technical production of a motion
pcture or video recording; the name of an auteur film given in the statement of responsibility may be repeated in order to record functions (see 7.1F).


Written and directed by David Oliveras.


Replace first and third examples with:

Distributed in the U.S. by: New York, N.Y. : Kino International.

First released in France.


Revise example to read:

Eighty min. of moving images and 2400 frames of still images


Revise second example to read:

Dolby stereophonic, monophonic compatible.


Revise example to read:

Issued also as Blu-ray disc.


Revise example to read:

Contents: part 1. The cause of liberty (24 min.) – part 2. The impossible war (25 min.)