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MRIs: AACR2 Rule Interpretations

Chapter 4: Manuscripts


Revise 4.1C in contents to read:

4.1C. Media terms


Delete second sentence


Delete [GMD] from all examples


Change second line to read:

Enclose the media terms in square brackets


Revise first example in fourth paragraph to read:

[Letter, 1898 January 1?] Worcester Park, Surrey [to] George Gissing, Rome.

Revise second example in fifth paragraph to read:

[Address before Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland, in the First Methodist Episcopal Church]

Revise second and third example in sixth paragraph to read:

[Commission 1851 April 9?] appointing J.E. Bradshaw to command the Peshawar Battalion.

[Lease 1937 October 17, of shop in Bridge Street, Harrow, Middlesex]

Add new paragraph at the end of the rule:

Partial titles. Optionally , complete a partial title and enclose the addition in square brackets.

Last will [and testamentary letter]



Delete example and revise to read:

4.1C. Optional addition. Media terms

4.1C1. Give the appropriate media terms as instructed in 1.1C.

Display media terms after title proper, (except for [unmediated : volume : text]), or preceding all descriptive data in accord with International Bibliographic Description (ISBD) Area 0, or substitute icons based on MARC21 fixed fields.


Revise second example to read:

The waste land / T.S. Eliot ; [with manuscript amendments by Ezra Pound]


Revise first three examples to read:

Preliminary draft

Third script

Second draft continuity


Revise first, second, fourth, and fifth examples to read:

[Second draft]

[Dritte Konzept]

[March 1970 draft]

[Revised screenplay]


Revise second example to read:

Third draft /edited by Paul Watson


Revise to read:4.4. Production area

Record the the place , name and date of production for manuscripts..

[MARBI has added 264 2nd indicator 0 to MARC21 for "production".]


Revise examples to read:

Exil / St.-J . Perse. -- [S.l.] : St.-J. Perse, 1941.

Correspondence / William Allen. -- Washington, D.C. : William Allen, 1821-1879.

Records / American Colonication Society. -- Washington, D.C.: American Colonization Society, 1816-1908.

Alice's adventures underground : a Christmas gift to a dear child in memory of a summer day / Lewis Carroll [Rev. C.L. Dodgson]. -- [London, England?] : Lewis Carroll, 1864.

Sonnet, to Genevra / [Lord Bron]. -- [London, England?] : [Lord Byron], 1813 December 1.

[MARBI introduced to MARC21 264 2nd indicator 0 for "production.]



Revise example to read:

[Speech] Glasgow Labour Club / James Maxton. -- [Glascow, Scotland] : James Maxton., 1928 January.

Note: Delivered February 8 1928


Revise fourth, fifth, eighth, eleventh, twelfth, fourteenth through sixteenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, and twenty-first, and twenty-third examples to read:

[4] pages

[4], 103 pages

[4], 20, 30 pages, bound

[2] pages on 1 leaf

[5] pages on 3 leaves

about 400 items

6 volumes

3 volumes (183 items)

3 ft. (about 2250 items)

6 ft. (75 volumes)

2 ft. (about 70 items, 12 bound)

15 ft. (12 boxes, about 1000 items)


Revise examples to read:

30 pages : illustrations

[3], 20 leaves : vellum, illustrations, maps

30 pages : coloured illustrations

6 volumes : illustrations

3 volumes (183 items) : illustrations (some coloured)


Reword to read:


4.6A. Do not use this area for manuscripts.


Reword second sentence of first paragraph to read:

Use one of the following terms as appropriate:

holograph(s) (for manuscripts handwritten by the person(s) responsible for

the work(s) contained therein)

manuscript (for all other single handwritten manuscripts)

manuscripts (for two or more non-holographic manuscripts)



Revise second example to read:


Revise second, third, and fourth examples following third paragraph to read:

Manuscript (photocopy, negative)

Manuscript, signed (photocopy)

Manuscripts (transcripts, handwritten)

Revise examples following fourth paragraph to read:

Manuscripts (some photocopies)

Manuscripts (transcripts, handwritten, and photocopies)

Manuscripts (photocopies, some negative)

Revise first example following fifth paragraph to read:

Manuscript (photocopy), original in the British Library Humanities and Social



Revise third and last examples to read:

Manuscript torn in half and rejoined

In case 20 x 24 cm


Revise first and third examples to read:

Accompanied by autobiographical sketch (2 pages, holograph)

Envelope (holograph) with enclosure (4 pages on 2 leaves, holograph, signed)


Revise third example following third paragraph to read:

Colour drawing of Jacob’s dream on leaf [23]*


Revise second example to read:

On title page: London-Zagreb-Trieste.


Revise second example to read:

Published in: Poetry : a magazine of verse. Volume 59 (1942), pages 295-308.


Reword to read:

4.8. STANDARD NUMBER AND TERMS OF AVAILABILITY AREA4.8A. Do not use this area for manuscripts.