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MRIs: AACR2 Rule Interpretations

Chapter 25: Uniform Titles

25.16 Delete.

Add third example and substitute:


Revise all examples to remove "O.T." and "N.T." from between "Bible" and the name of a Book of the Bible. Spell out "O.T." and "N.T." following "Bible" if the whole Old Testament or New Testament.

Enter collections under "Bible" and the name of the collection, e.g., "Bible. Gospels".

Enter a named portion of the Bible (not a book) directly under its name e.g., "Ten commandments", "Lord's prayer", but "Bible. Psalms, XV".

25.18M Revise as follows:

25.18M. Qur’an


Enter a chapter ( surah) , one of the thirty parts ( juz’) , or a named grouping of selections of the Qur’an as a subheading of Qur’an . Precede the title of a chapter by Surat . Precede the title of a part by Juz’ . Refer from surah or juz’ number(s) using Surah or Juz’ followed by the appropriate roman numeral(s). Refer from the titles of established groupings of selections. Make additions as instructed in 25.5 and 25.6B3.

[ Change Koran in examples to Qur’an.]

25.18M2. Enter a verse of a chapter as a subheading of Qur’an and add the arabic numeral of the verse to the title of the surah . Refer from the title of the verse and from the title of the verse as a subheading of Qur’an .

[ Change Koran in examples to Qur’an.]

25.34B Revise to read:

25.34B. Selections

25.5C Revise the fourth paragraph to read:

If the item is in two or more languages, name the first language, unless that is the original language.

Caesar, Julius

[De bello Gallico. French]

(Text is in French and Latin)

United States

[Declaration of Independence]

Declaration of Independence of the United States in ten languages.

25.9 Revise to read:


25.9A. Use the collective title Works. Selections for resources consisting of three or more works in various forms (or in one form if the author only created in one form only), and for items consisting of extracts, etc., from the works of one person. For musical works, see also 25.34B-25.34C.

Maugham, W. Somerset

[Works. Selections]

The Somerset Maugham pocket book

( Contains novels, short stories, and essays )

Maugham, W. Somerset

[Works. Selections]

Wit and wisdom of Somerset Maugham

Morris, William

[Works. Selections]

Selected writings and designs