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MRIs: AACR2 Rule Interpretations

Chapter 2: Books


Revise 2.1C in contents to read: 2.1C. Media terms


Delete second sentence.


Change 2.1C in contents to Media terms.


Delete third line:


Revise to read:

2.1C Optional addition. Give the appropriate media terms as instructed in 1.1C.

Display media terms after title proper, (except for [unmediated : volume : text]), or preceding all descriptive data in accord with International Bibliographic Description (ISBD) Area 0, or substitute icons based on MARC21 fixed fields.


Insert new tenth example:

Íslensk-ensk vasa-orđabók / eftir Arnold R. Taylor = Icelandic-English pocket dictionary / by Arnold R. Taylor.


Revise examples to read:

Second edition .

3 rd edition.

New edition, revised and enlarged.

1 st American edition.

First illustrated edition,

Household ed. (Abbreviation on source)

Sechste Auflage


Facsimile edition .

New Essex edition.

Troisième édition.


Revise examples to read:

[New edition]

[Third edition]

[Deuxième édition]


Revise examples to read :

Economic history of England : a study in social development / by H. O. Meredith. – Fifth edition / by C. Ellis.

The well-beloved : a sketch of a temperament / Thomas Hardy. – New Wessex edition / introduction by J. Hillis Miller ; notes by Edward Mendelson.

A French and English dictionary / compiled from the best authorities of both languages by Professors De Lolme and Wallace, and Henry Bridgeman. – [New edition] / revised, corrected, and considerably enlarged by E. Roubaud .

A short history of the Catholic Church / by Philip Hughes. – Eighth edition / with a final chapter (1966-1974) by E.E. Hales.


Revise examples to read:

Selected poems / D. H. Lawrence. – [New edition] / edited, with an introduction, by Keith Sagar, reprinted with minor revisions

Ireland / edited by L. Russell. Muirhead. – Third edition, Second (corrected) impression.


Revise first, third, fourth, and last examples to read:

London, England : Macmillan Publishing Company

London, UK : Her Majesty’s Stationery Office

Taunton, Somerset : Barnicotts Ltd.

London [England] : T. Wall and Sons (Ice Cream) Ltd.


Revise examples to read:

London, England : Victor Gollancz Ltd., 1951

New York, N.Y. : Dover Publications, 1970. ; London, England : Constable & Company [distributor], 1972.

New York, N.Y. : Dell Publishing, [1985], ©1983.


Revise second example to read:

London [England] : John Lane, 1902, (1907 printing)


Delete or abbreviation from the end of the second sentence

Revise first sentence of second paragraph to read:

Give pages, etc., that are lettered inclusively in the form A-K pages, a-d leaves, etc.

Revise first, fourth, ninth and tenth examples to read:

327 pages

xvii, 323 pages

A-Z pages

( pages lettered A-Z)

32 pages

( pages numbered ‘one,’ ‘two,’ ‘three,” etc.)


Revise last sentence to read:

When recording the number of unnumbered pages, etc., in a sequence either estimate the number and give it preceded by about , or count the pages and give the number in square brackets.

Revise first and third examples to read:

8, vii, about 300, 73 pages

[8], 155 pages

Note: Bibliography: 6 th preliminary page.


Revise examples to read:

48 [96] pages

329 [392] pages


Revise example to read:

176 pages

( Pages numbered: 1-xii, 13-176)


Delete or abbreviation from the end of the sentence

Revise second example to read:

pages 713-737


Revise second sentence to read:

If the number is not readily ascertainable, estimate the number of pages or leaves and give the estimated number preceded by about .

Revise third and fourth examples to read:

about 600 pages

about 300 leaves


Revise examples in subsection a) to read:

1000 pages in various pagings

256 leaves in various foliations

Revise examples in subsection b) to read:

226, [44] pages

366, 98, [99] pages

Revise subsection c) to read:

c) Give 1 volume (various pagings) , 1 case , or 1 portfolio , as appropriate


Revise examples to read:

246 pages, 32 pages of plates

xvi, 249 pages, [12] leaves of plates

x, 32, 73 pages, [1] leaf of plates

xii, 24 pages, 212, [43] leaves of plates

323 pages, [19] pages of plates

(Contains 16 pages and 3 leaves of plates)


Revise second example to read:

230 pages, 25 leaves of plates (some folded)


Revise example to read:

xii, 35, 35 pages

Note: Opposite pages bear duplicate numbering.


Revise example to read:

328 pages

Note: Pages also numbered 501-828.


Revise example to read:

ix, 155, 127, x pages


Revise example to read:

xxiv, 179 + pages

Note: Library’s copy imperfect, all pages after page 179 missing.


Revise example to read:

3 volumes


Revise example to read:

8 volumes in 5


Revise examples to read:

2 volumes (xxxxi, 999 pages)

3 volumes (xx, 800 pages)

( Pages numbered : xx, 1-201; xx, 202-513; xxi, 514-800)


Revise example to read:

2 volumes (xvi, 329; xx, 412 pages)


Revise third, fifth, and seventh examples to read:

4 volumes of jumbo braille

300 pages of press braille

300 pages of print and braille


Revise examples to read:

3 volumes (large print)

342 pages (large print)



Revise to read:

2.5C1. If a printed monograph contains illustration(s), give illustration or illustrations , as appropriate. Disregard tables containing only words and/or numbers; illustrated title pages; and minor illustrations.

327 pages : illustrations


Delete “or abbreviation(s) ” from first sentence.

Revise second example to read:

256 pages : coats of arms, facsimiles, portraits

Revise second paragraph and following examples to read:

If only some of the illustrations are of a type considered to be important, give illustration or illustrations , as appropriate, followed by the appropriate term(s) in alphabetical order.

230 pages : illustrations, maps, music, portraits

199 pages : illustrations, cross-sections, forms


Revise examples to read:

: colour illustrations

: illustrations, colour maps, portraits (some colour)

: illustrations (some colour), maps, plans

: illustrations (chiefly colour), plans


Revise examples to read:

: 48 illustrations

: illustrations, 12 maps

: illustrations, 3 forms, map


Revise to read:

2.5C5. If the item consists wholly or predominantly of illustrations, give all illustrations or chiefly illustrations , as appropriate.

: all illustrations

Optionally , if the illustrations are all or predominantly of one type, give all [name of type] or chiefly [name of type] , as appropriate.

: chiefly maps


Revise example to read:

: illustrations, colour maps

Note: Four maps on 2 folded leaves in pocket.


Revise examples to read:

271 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm + 1 answer book

271 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm + 1 volume (37 pages, 19 leaves : coloured maps ; 37 cm)

271 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm + 1 sound disc (25 min. : analog, 33 1/3 rpm, monophonic ; 12 inches)


Revise fifth, sixth, eighth, twelfth, and fourteenth examples to read:

(Publicación / Universidad de Chile, Departamento de Geología ; número 4)

(Occasional papers / University of Sussex Centre for Continuing Education, ISSN 0306-1108 ; number 28)

(Olympia Press travellers’ companion series ; number 105)

( Graeco-Roman memoirs, ISSN 0306-9222 ; number 62 )

(Works / Charles Dickens ; volume 12)


Revise second example to read:

Title on added title page: Les rats .


Revise first example to read:

Added title page in Russian.


Revise second example to read:

Also attributed to Jonathan Swift”—Introduction


Revise first and second examples to read:

“This issue is founded on the second edition, printed by Rudolf Ackermann in the year 1837 (with considerable additions) from The new sporting magazine”—Title page verso.

Previous edition: Harmondsworth : Penguin Books, 1950.


Revise third example to read:

Limited edition of 60 signed and numbered copies.


Revise second and third examples to read:

“Tables I, II, and III omitted by error from report” now published as supplement (5 pages) and inserted at end.

Accompanied by : A demographic atlas of north-west Ireland. 39 pages : coloured maps ; 36 cm. Previously published separately in 1956.


Revise first example to read:

Bibliography: pages 859-910.

Add example:

Includes bibliographical references (pages 100-110) and index.


Revise example to read:

Superintendent of Documents number: HE20-8216:11


Revise first and second examples to read:

Library’s copy lacks appendices, pages 245-260.

Library has volumes 1, 3-5, and 7 only.


Revise examples to read:

ISBN 0-901212-04-0 (volume 38)

ISBN 0-19-212192-8 (cased). – ISBN 0-19-281123-1 (paperback)

ISBN 0-08-019857-0 (set). – ISBN 0-08-019856-2 (volume 1 : paperback)

ISBN 0-90002-92-1 (limited edition) : £35 (£30 to members of the Association)

ISBN 0-7225-0344-X (paperback) : £8.75


2.15A Give an edition statement as it is found in the item

Revise third example to read:

Cinquième édition.


Revise first, third, fifth, and sixth examples to read:

xi, 31 pages

x, 32 pages, 90 leaves

[160] pages

40 leaves, [8] pages


Revise examples to read:

: illustrations (woodcuts)

: 30 illustrations (cuts)

: illustrations (woodcuts, some coloured)

: illustrations (woodcuts), portraits

: portraits (woodcuts)

: portraits (engravings)


Revise second sentence to read:

Add the format (folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo) to the dimensions.

Revise examples to read:

; 23 cm (quarto)

; 20 cm (octavo)

; 33 cm (folio)

; 23 cm (quarto)

1 sheet ; 48 x 27 cm